A change in the way new leadership

A change in the way new leadership

A change in the way new leadership

A change in the way new leadership

By mazyar mir : October,28,2015
Today, with the passage of time and the aging and retirement of the
Leaders of large and small, men and women can be seen vacancy.
As much as age rises of key people and affecting more pension Rsndvbsyar
The companies are all alone with the empty top of the pyramid organization.
Now the question is: Who should fill key points?
۱۲۱۸۶۹ – Copy what features should be and what should be done to nurture such people?
The leaders of tomorrow, they will not be like today’s leaders. New skills and different future leaders to act in the globalized world of decentralized will need skilled and experienced people to the information they need most and have more experience, familiar with all of the collection.
New research by Hay Group (Hay group) done, suggests that this change in leadership, is already happening. In a test of more than 300 organizations worldwide leader in 4500, it became clear that leadership qualities are most in need of development, are: emotional self-awareness, coaching (Coaching), a precursor (Mentorship) leadership and inspiration section (Inspirational Leadership).
We’ve heard that for years to come leadership who should be nominated and to be entrusted moment of the day or event (Event day)!
Would have thought it a more modern organizational structures flat and what characteristics and qualities are necessary?
How will decide who among your current employees who hold, who has development potential for leadership in the future? Do traditional family system and is accountable? (What is common in Iran for years that the wrong that has been the ruin of many firms will continue.)
While there are always basic and complex features that organizations faced the challenge will be the overarching challenge facing the world today.
look for things that can be measured is as normal and routine.
But how and why?
Perhaps you will be very interesting to know that according to new research, experts suggest that the biggest indicator of leadership potential and the ability to manage other people understand that emotional intelligence is called, but in the words of writer that has been discussed in various industries to research and consulting , along with emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence was special but how ?
Maziar Mir researcher and author of the article believes that many more than previously mentioned skills as “soft skills” is concerned, scholars like Gates, Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg these qualities and competencies to lead and Management of sensitive areas of their companies were


He was much more than previously skills as “soft skills” is concerned, scholars like Gates, Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg these qualities and competencies to lead and manage their companies considered sensitive areas their emotional intelligence is one of the key factors affecting an excellent staff with leadership potential.
More and incontrovertible fact that in Iran under consideration and perhaps been forgotten bush!
Employees with high emotional intelligence, self-awareness and ability of the individual to show a willingness to learn other management, especially in challenging conditions and a strong and reliable relations with others, and such people first standards and rapid technological world of today possess. It must be acknowledged that corporate leadership is required to great men and women, regardless of who made sexist, skilled and had expertise, understanding of science is acquired and should never be limited to a degree.
Yes, knowledge and understanding as well as experience, two wings will be future leaders.

The complexity of today’s world with the rapid growth of technology, certain positions and create extraordinary challenges that should not be ignored. Another wonderful thing is that the creator of Apple (apple) for leadership and earlier, and even stripped of the options put forward before the end of its organizational effort seeks to rewrite the personal memories. Perhaps one of the preparation of his or her own version of Apple’s help future leaders to deal with future crises Apple because history repeats, like fashion or many other human cases. In the meantime, there is a subtle point that the success of Apple and Steve Jobs we all know and as our luck, but luck charm is just one experience, and accurate and meaningful relationship with our inner attitudes that are Everyone is manifested. Two people in one body, one thinks of laws of nature that surrounds us with (part), and the other, playful simmering, follow the emotions and instincts, which Homay happiness in spite of the insistence of the database. There. A general tendency to protect the existence and the centrifugal tendencies of the logical procedure to replace the Mvjvd.ry Let us …. continues

Maziar Mir: Advisor. Analyst and Professional Speaker


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